Higher National Diploma in Networking and Security

Students study how to keep keeps sensitive data safe from cyber attacks and ensures the network is usable and trustworthy. Successful network security strategies employ multiple security solutions to protect users and organizations from malware and cyber attacks, like distributed denial of service.


1.Chief Information Security Officer – CISO
2.Security Architect
3.Cybersecurity Engineer

4.Malware Analyst.
5.Penetration Tester.
6.Computer Forensics Analyst.

7.Application Security Engineer.
8.Cloud Security Specialist.

Higher National Diploma in Telecommunications

Of all the sciences, telecommunication is a relatively new programme which concerns itself with the science of transmitting data and information through the use of electromagnetic waves.


1.Instrumentation and control design engineer.
2.Fiber optics Technician.
3.Antenna Engineer.

4.Data Architect.
5.Optics splicer.
6.Satellite TV installer.

7.Voice over internet protocol engineer (VOIP Engineer)
8.Wireless Technician.

Higher National Diploma in Database Management

Here, students will learn an efficient way of handling large amounts and multiple types of data. The ability to access data efficiently allows companies to make informed decisions quicker


1.Database manager.
2.Data analyst.
3.Data scientist.

4.Information security analyst.
5.Database administrator.

6.Data modeler.
7.Software engineer.