Higher National Diploma in Accounting

In business and society, accountants make a difference. They prepare and review the financial information relied upon by investors, lenders, businesses and other organizations throughout the world. Accountants also provide expert advice on taxes, financial planning, information systems and a wealth of other business matters.


A diploma in accounting provides students with a highly valuable, versatile, and in-demand skill set and demonstrates fluency in the language of business.
The accounting field offers a wide array of career options from auditing, tax accounting and cost accounting to managerial accounting with several professional certifications for each. There are also opportunities in public accounting, government agencies or corporations, in addition to entrepreneurship.

Higher National Diploma in International Trade

The study of international trade aims to prepare students for a prominent and innovative place in society in the world of economics and domestic and international trade. Keeping pace with the breadth, popularity and spread of international trade concepts, applications, approaches and markets.


  •  International Purchasing Manager.
  • Business Development Manager.
  • Director of Import Operations
  • Export Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Import/Export Manager
  • International Development Director

Higher National Diploma in Banking and Finance

Studying Banking and Finance provides you with the foundation for a broad range of careers across banking, broking, consulting, funds management, insurance and superannuation. You may work with corporates, in financial markets or with government. It is also a discipline that can take y bou anywhere in the world.


1. Bank teller
2. Financial clerk
3. Investment banking associate
4. Auditor
5. Accountant
6. Commercial banking officer

7. Credit analyst
8. Bank compliance officer
9. Bank marketing manager
10. Trust officer
11. Bank operations manager
12. Bank human resources manager

13. Broker
14. Financial adviser
15. Systems analyst
16. Wealth manager
17. Loan officer

Higher National Diploma in Microfinance

Here, students will study financial services adapted to the rural arrears, the poor and impoverish population that cannot afford the services of classical bank. We all know the majority of African countries are in this development stage.


Other job titles include product designers, program assistants, financial analysts, microfinance risk management analysts and consultants, accountants, managers, and experts in technology, mobile money, and marketing.

Higher National Diploma in Insurance

This help students understand Insurance management to help corporate and individual clients understand their own insurance needs and the benefits and drawbacks of different policies. In this way, insurance brokers and agents can help clients make the best decision for their business or individual interests.



3.Customer Service Representative


Higher National Diploma in Management

The study of management will provide you with the tools and skills needed to land leadership positions, head up your own company, as well as manage teams, individuals, and organizations effectively. Studying management will also position you for outstanding earning potential.


The study of management is designed to provide a head start to students who aspire to leadership positions in enterprises, both big and small.
Some job titles for graduates with degrees in management fields include:
The accounting field offers a wide array of career options from auditing, tax accounting and cost accounting to managerial accounting with several professional certifications for each. There are also opportunities in public accounting, government agencies or corporations, in addition to entrepreneurship.
  1.  Human Resources Officer
  2. Management Consultant
  3. Manager/Supervisor

4. Retail Manager

5. Operations Manager / Director

Higher National Diploma in Human Resource Management

If you love working with people, enjoy training and motivating individuals and keeping up with the latest technology and resource trends, a degree in human resources management might be for you.
A diploma in human resource management (HRM) can help you to understand the driving forces of an organisation and the people behind it. Studying a diploma in HRM allows you to develop the skills and experiences needed to improve organisation culture and activities and plays a vital role to organisational success.


1. Human resources assistant
2. Benefits administrator
3. Payroll specialist
4. Training coordinator

5. Compensation specialist
6. Training manager
7. HRIS specialist

8. Employee relations manager
9. Benefits manager
10.Human resources manager
11. Information System Management

Higher National Diploma in Project Management

Students will learn how to successfully manage a project from start to finish . differentiate between success and failure. It is an increasingly in-demand skill and studying it can boost a career in any industry.
Project management is as broad as the potential projects it manages, from making it a career as a Certified Project Officer, to effectively tackling and managing projects within normal team environments, to learning to manage workload, deadlines and organisation in general.


1. Management consultant.
2. Programme manager.
3. Portfolio manager

4. Head of projects.
5. Director of projects.

Higher National Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management

While doing this program ,students will learn
1. Planning: Delivering the right amount of raw materials to meet consumer demand
2. Packaging and unitization: Packing and bundling products to preserve their quality
3. Inventory control: Warehousing and storage of materials, components, and finished products
4. Transportation management: Contracting with shipping providers to deliver materials and goods as quickly and cost-effectively as possible
5. Information and control: Gathering and interpreting data to develop the most efficient logistics strategy possible


1. Freight Forwarder
2.Logistic & Distribution Manager Assistant
3.Passenger Transport Manager Assistant

4.Transport Planner
5.International Trade Agent
6.Air Freight Administrator

7.Shipping Officer
8.Supply Chain Specialist
9.Transport Engineer

Higher National Diploma in Information System Management

MIS students learn how businesses use information to improve the company's operations. Students also learn how to manage various information systems so that they best serve the needs of managers, staff and customers.


1. Web content specialist
2. Web developer
3. IT analyst
4. IT technician
5. Management analyst
6. Information security analyst

7. Systems administrator
8. Data manager
9. Application developer
10. Network engineer
11. Business intelligence analyst
12. Information systems manager

13. Database administrator
14. Software engineer
15. Director of information technology
16. Network architect
17. Director of information security